Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rodding Granite Countertops

Recently, a video showing the process for rodding granite countertops was posted on, the website for countertop news and information. Admittedly the video is short and simple and shows one company's process (without a ton of detail), but it gets the point across.

In response, one reader posted a link to his own blog post about rodding here. I found the post to be quite insightful. The blogger walks through his own repairs to improper rodding and discusses the troubles that caused it (like using a steel rod that could rust and an improper adhesive) as well as the troubles in fixing it.

The author also shares his opinion that rodding is not really necessary, although I think this is debatable and not everyone would share this opinion. But, certainly if one is to rod along sink cut-outs, it is wise to follow established guidelines that work well.

Kudos for sharing this practical information. It is this sort of sharing between fabricators that can be of great benefit to the industry. Oh to learn from others mistakes...

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