Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome to the Countertop News Blog!

Welcome to the Countertop News Blog.

Here you will find information for professionals in the countertop industry with some of the latest countertop news available, and links on where to find more information.

If you are looking for information on materials, such as granite, marble, other natural stone, solid surface, quartz surfacing or engineered stone, laminate, concrete countertops, sustainable materials or other countertop materials, we hope to cover it all.

We also will provide insight into the latest countertop products and countertop supplies for professionals, such as tools and tooling, equipment, machinery, adhesives, sinks and more. 

Much of this information is derived from a great countertop website you may want to check out - - other information comes from a variety of other sources on the Web.

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We generally send post/tweet once daily to keep you informed, without overwhelming you.

So, that is the Countertop News Blog in a nutshell. We hope you will come back and visit us regularly and see what we've been up to.

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