Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Countertop Businesses and Fabricators in Florida

Florida:  In 1513, Ponce de León, seeking the mythical “Fountain of Youth,” discovered and named Florida. He claimed the region for Spain. In 1564, French missionaries settled Fort Caroline near present-day Jacksonville. In 1565, Spanish troops arrived and drove the French out of Florida. They established St. Augustine, the first permanent European settlement in the U.S.
The Florida Territory was organized in 1822 and settlers entered by the thousands. 
On March 3, 1845, The Sunshine state was the 27th to join the Union.

Greater Miami is the only metropolitan area in the United States whose borders encompass two national parks. You can hike through pristine Everglades National Park or ride on glass-bottom boats across Biscayne National Park.

People in Florida still need countertops, and there are plenty of places to supply them. You can find a list of countertop businesses in Florida here!

There are still some inconsistencies to the list, but we are working to correct them and I just couldn't wait to share it.

This is a sneak peek at our efforts to compile the most complete list of countertop fabricators in the United States from A to Z. We will be working on Georgia next and hope to give you a look at that list as soon as its available. And you will find it here first.

In coming weeks (and likely months), we will be compiling lists for all 50 states, and once we get them done, we will seek input from the industry to make sure everything is in order before we release the information to the public.

We think this is going to be very popular with the countertop community and very useful for those seeking new countertops.

Let us know what you think!

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