Monday, October 5, 2015

Michigan Countertop Companies and Fabricators

Michigan: Although it is called the "Wolverine" state, there are no longer any wolverines in Michigan. It's also known as the "Great Lakes State".  Michigan became the 26th state on January 26, 1837.
Michigan is first in production of peat and magnesium compound in the U.S.and second in gypsum and iron ore production.
The Detroit metro area sits atop a giant salt mine. According to some estimates, there is enough salt down there to last for 70 million years at the world's current rate of consumption!

The people of  Michigan need countertops too, and there are plenty of places to supply them! You can find a list of countertop businesses in Michigan here.
This is a sneak peek at our efforts to compile the most complete list of countertop fabricators in the United States from A to Z. We will be working on Minnesota next and hope to give you a look at that list as soon as its available. And you will find it here first.

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