Friday, August 28, 2015

Looking Forward to Happiness and Prosperity

It has been said that happiness depends on satisfying three key elements: having someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to. This can be examined further and applied to specific portions of our lives rather than the whole. Success in business comes much easier when you are leading a happy life, achieved through having met all three of the above conditions, but they can also be used to guide your mission and business plan.
Having someone to love must always fit into the background when it comes to business, but it can be of help to have him or her beside you during trying times, especially when starting a new enterprise. If you want to take this to the extreme level, the person you love may become a vital part of the business, and it is important to have someone close to you that you can trust at all levels. Certainly family businesses are not uncommon in the countertop industry.
In finding personal happiness, we all need something to do, which may be having some sort of work, job or hobby we enjoy doing. For many of us, that would be our work. While some people see their business solely as a way to make a living, the most successful fabricators are those who truly enjoy what they are doing. Completing large projects or overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment that leads to personal fulfillment and happiness. The work gives a sense of purpose to what many people may see as a meaningless existence.
The final, and arguably most important, of relating the three prerequisites for happiness to business is having something to look forward to. You have to admit that when you are simply trying to keep your head above water, the work can become monotonous and grueling, even if it is what you enjoy doing. However, when the sailing is smooth, you should have a point on the horizon that you know you will reach in a given amount of time.
For some of us, this means expansion. We can look forward to expanding our business because it opens the doors to greater opportunities and greater success. For those who have already been in the business for a great deal of their adult lives, the objective they are trying to reach is retirement. It is a great motivator to look forward to a time when all the work finally allows us a chance to relax and enjoy other aspects of life.
At, we believe that retirement would be nice, but it is a little too early to consider the prospect, so our efforts are focused on expansion. We have been blessed with a successful business, a team of like-minded individuals who give everything to their work and clients who are great to work with. However, we believe we can do more for the countertop fabrication industry, so be on the lookout for more exciting opportunities from us before the year is up.
How does your work bring you happiness? We always look forward to hearing your stories, so drop us line at See you all next month.
Brian Jones, Editor/Content Manager

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