Sunday, February 8, 2015

Countertop Businesses and Fabricators in Arizona

Arizona: The 48th state is known as the Grand Canyon State and also as the Nation's Valentine because it joined the Union on February 14, 1912.
Spanish Franciscan friar, Marcos de Niza, was the first European to explore Arizona. He entered the area in 1539 in search of the mythical Seven Cities of Gold. Although he was followed a year later by another gold seeker, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, most of the early settlement was for missionary purposes.
The name Arizona comes from a Spanish version of the Pima Indian word arizonac for place of the small spring or from the Aztec's arizuma meaning silver bearing.
The sun shines in Southern Arizona 85% of the time, which is considerably more than Florida or Hawaii! At one time camels were used to transport goods across Arizona! But since the Southern Pacific Railroad connected Arizona to the eastern states in 1926, we can get supplies to them much easier now.
Arizonans still need countertops, and there are plenty of places to supply them. You can find a list of countertop businesses in Arizona here!

There are still some inconsistencies to the list, but we are working to correct them and I just couldn't wait to share it.

This is a sneak peek at our third installment of our efforts to compile the most complete list of countertop fabricators in the United States from A to Z. We will be working on Arkansas next and hope to give you a look at that list as soon as its available. And you will find it here first.

In coming weeks (and likely months), we will be compiling lists for all 50 states, and once we get them done, we will seek input from the industry to make sure everything is in order before we release the information to the public.

We think this is going to be very popular with the countertop community and very useful for those seeking new countertops.

Let us know what you think!

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