Thursday, January 8, 2015

Countertop Brackets and Legs Can Improve Designs

An interesting story came to my desk this week that showcases how countertop brackets and support legs can do much more than hold up heavy surfaces, such as granite, engineered stone and solid surface. The creative use of support systems can help you overcome design obstacles and perceived limitations to remodel or build a new kitchen space that is not only functional but also quite attractive.
Federal Brace, a leading manufacturer and distributor of designer support brackets and legs for countertops, was contacted by Rob Stepp, president of Creative Kitchens, Inc., about a job his company had just completed with products from Cambria, Schluter and Federal Brace. Stepp said that he experienced great “enthusiasm with the results,” and wanted to share the story because it was such an “exciting and successful project.”

DSC_0331In turn, Cathy Morgan, general manager of Federal Brace, wanted to share this story with so that other fabricators and installers could take a look at what is possible when we work together on tough projects. I have to admit the enthusiasm of both Rob and Cathy rubbed off on me, and I am happy to present the story and photos to you in this month’s blog.

Creative Kitchens was charged with remodeling the kitchen in a local condominium unit, but they were put off by a few architectural elements, namely a large structural pier in the center of the island. The team, however, was not dismayed and developed what turned out to be the perfect solution.

DSC_0332In order to streamline the look of the kitchen, Creative Kitchens wrapped the pier in durable and sleek stainless steel and then used a Schluter corner molding and sheets, which were originally developed for the tile industry, to finish out the columns.

For the countertop, White Cliff, a quartz surface from Cambria was chosen, but the design called for a slab that was much larger than the base of the island, and it had to extend far past the structural pier with no other support. To overcome this challenge, classic Brunswick brackets from Federal Brace were used to support the overhanging countertop, which left ample legroom for the client to add seating. This could transform the kitchen island into a great entertaining area for guests should it ever be required.

For the end of the countertop, Federal Brace’s versatile Anteris Metal Support Legs were used, which are designed specifically to “hold up heavy stone and composite material countertops.” These legs are constructed of double-steel plates to provide superior carrying strength, but they are also visually appealing, giving the kitchen a sleek, modern look. Click on any of the photos presented here to see larger, more detailed versions of the finished project.

For further information about Creative Kitchens, they have three showrooms in Huntington, Charleston and Lewisburg, W.Va., or visit the company website at
To learn more about how countertop brackets and support legs can fit into your projects or about the Dealer and Distributor Program offered by the company, visit or contact a representative at

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