Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Podcast - StoneTalk - from Moraware Features Some of the Industry's Best

Recently, the founders of Moraware, Harry Hollander and Ted Pitts, along with new employee Patrick Foley, developed StoneTalk, a podcast featuring some of the most successful people in the world of countertops.

For those who are new to Internet media, a podcast is the online version of a radio broadcast. While some podcasts feature music, many of them are talk shows focused on specific interests, hobbies, demographics or industries. StoneTalk was officially launched in May after several months of development. The idea for the podcast came to Pitts earlier this year after he and Hollander met Foley at a software conference. The Moraware co-founders knew of Foley through the podcast he hosted while working for Microsoft: the Startup Success Podcast. After talking with Foley, he agreed to become part of the Moraware team as a software and support “generalist.”

One of his first projects was getting the new podcast off the ground as a “way to provide something of value to our customers and get our name in front of potential customers” without putting pressure on them to purchase anything. This philosophy was ingrained into Foley by the famed author and business consultant, Seth Godin, and Moraware had already been following it through informative blogging and social media posts. Foley believed StoneTalk was the perfect title for the show, and he was charged with planning, producing and hosting the new podcast. StoneTalk is now on its fourth episode, and it was been well received by the industry. According to Foley, they believed it would take about a full year for the podcast to gain a widespread audience, but within the first three months, it has been downloaded or played nearly 1,000 times.

Guests for the show are entrepreneurs and business professionals working in countertop fabrication, but Foley says that future episodes may feature general business consultants and industry vendors. They already include some well know guests as  Aaron Crowley of Crowley’s Granite Concepts; Liz Trambasco, industry expert and sales consultant, Ted Sherritt of FLOFORM Countertops; and Russ Berry of A.S.S.T.

Although StoneTalk and customer support takes up a good deal of Foley’s time at Moraware, he would eventually like to develop educational and instructional material for beginning countertop fabricators.

You watch all of the past episodes and read transcripts of them in the StoneTalk Archives on the Moraware website, but you are also able to find them at

Take a look at them, and let us know what you think!

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