Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Communication Is Key in the Business World

Two of the most powerful forces in the world are communication and transportation. It is the technological advances in these two areas that have driven human progress over the past century. As we are able to transport our products and ourselves more quickly and affordably, new markets and entire countries have opened for business and personal improvement. The automobile and airplane have made far-off places more accessible.

Although communication is not as physically tangible as transportation, it is arguably the more powerful of the two. I recently ran across a meme through a social media outlet explaining that asking people where they are is a relatively new phenomenon. It struck me as a simple and honest way to remind us that it was not so long ago when it was impossible to communicate with someone unless he or she was nearby.

Communicating over long distances emerged and was found to have incredible advantages that would soon become indispensable for life in the modern world. Smoke signals and the Pony Express gave way to the telegraph, the telephone and radio communications. And now, we have the Internet, email and mobile phones, all of which are driving today's business world. Yet, many people choose not to use these tools to their advantage. I am amazed at how many countertop companies don't even have a website! 

A survey conducted by Job Outlook showed the number one skill employers want in their employees is the ability to communicate. This exceeds even honesty (#2) and having a strong work ethic (#4). Communication is vital to so many aspects of a business. It is required by employers and employees to assess situations and conduct operations, it is essential to communicate with vendors and suppliers to ensure the raw materials and goods we need to do business are available and it is vital to acquiring new clients and ensuring the satisfaction of past ones.

Communicating effectively makes all the difference between a successful company and a failure, and you can give your business an upper hand by using all of the channels available to you. I have made communications my business, working with, so I know just how important (and tricky) it can be navigating the variety of pathways now available.  

Of course, I urge you to communicate via our Website by posting responses to the various pieces of information we share on a regular basis, or even contact us about the communication outlets we offer. But more importantly, I hope you take some time to assess where you are communicating effectively or not.  


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