Monday, February 17, 2014

Countertop Trivets, Trivets, Trivets!

If you've been in the countertop industry for any amount of time, I'm sure you've heard (or witnessed) plenty of horror stories about people mistreating their countertops. No countertop material is indestructible.

No Countertop Material Is Indistructible (just wanted to make sure you read that.) And if your customers don't understand that, then you are not setting the proper expectations.

I've heard stories about numerous ways countertops have been damaged: people walking or climbing on them, hammer "accidents," cuts, scratches, chips, burns, stains, and in one case a guy dropped a bowling ball on his countertop to show his friends and neighbors just how durable his countertop was (it turned out it wasn't that durable).

Other than cuts and scratches, typically in laminate, solid surface, wood or metal countertops (please use cutting boards!), burns or scorches are one of the most common ways people damage their kitchen work surfaces. Why can't people just use trivets?

Trivets, trivets, trivets!

Laminate and solid surface are particularly susceptible to burns/scorches, and the resin binder in quartz surfacing/engineered stone will also not withstand too high of a temperature. Even natural stone could be damaged by too much heat exposure.

Of course, granite can withstand a lot of heat, but that does not mean that a very hot pan cannot damage a granite countertop. Granite does not expand and contract very easily, so when a very hot pan is placed on a granite surface, there is a small chance it will crack due to "shock." Also, some coatings or sealers used on granite countertops are susceptible to heat damage. It is simply not worth the risk when you can just use a simple trivet, even if the risk is minimal.

And today, trivets come in all shapes and sizes to fit any decor. In my own home, the fabricator who put in my countertops was kind enough to give me a trivet made from the sink cut-out in my top, so it matches my countertop perfectly!

But, for those wanting something more, check out this trivet pinterest board that shows a variety of options and styles available today - plenty to choose from.

All in all, a countertop is a large investment and something a customer should be able to live with for many years. Make sure you inform your customers how to avoid damaging their countertops. They will be happier and you will get less phone calls from irate homeowners who thought their new tops were beyond damage (and now, perhaps, beyond repair).

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